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Use your existing Steam Account to login and create an on-site profile. Your username and password are safe and never shared with us. Alternatively, you can create a SkinSilo profile by registering with your e-mail address and a strong password.

Earn credits

Based on your location, you are served periodical offers ranging from simple things like filling out a survey or installing an app, to more complex operations like playing a game or creating third party website accounts. Offers get refreshed often so make sure to check back on a regular basis to see what's new.

Get rewards

Use your earned credits to buy Gift cards, Fortnite V-Bucks, CSGO skins or VGO skins. We offer a high variety of items in our shop, ranging from cheap and popular, all the way up to high tier and collectibles. The prices are competitive and withdraws are instant.

What is SkinSilo?

SkinSilo is a website that allows you to earn points by filling out surveys and unlocking offers, points you can redeem as CS:GO skins, coupons or various gift cards instantly. The offers are provided by third party websites SkinSilo has an agreement with.

How does it work?

Filling out surveys and unlocking the offers generates credits in your on-site wallet. Please pay attention to the requirements in order to complete offers successfully.

Once you accumulate enough credits, you can request one or more skins from our shop. Your balance will be adjusted and you will receive a trade offer with the skins you chosen. The offer is valid for 10 minutes. Afterwards, it will be automatically cancelled and you will be refunded.

How do I get started?

First, log in with your Steam account. Second, disable your ad-blocker extension if you use any. You can add a single exception just for SkinSilo.

On your first login, there is a short verification process that takes place in order to confirm that you are not a bot. Ensure that your account meets the criteria and click the Verify button.


  • You have a public Steam profile
  • You own CS:GO
  • You have set your game details privacy to Public

Click here to edit your profile and make it public. Use this image as a guide.

If you successfully verify your account, you are now eligible to claim more rewards (joining our Steam group, adding an e-mail address to your profile, etc).

Proceed by filling out your trade offer URL that we will use to send you skins in the future.

Once these steps are completed, you can continue to use our service.

Service restrictions

We only allow ONE account per person/household and you need to be at least 13 years old. Violation of this rule will result in all your accounts being banned with no prior warning. Do NOT use third party/VPN software/smartphone emulators to fake your location in order to game the system.

Advertisers reward you with credits for signing up for their services, paying for products and services, honestly answering surveys or installing mobile apps. Please offer only valid information when unlocking offers and don't sign up for services you don't intend to keep. If you ask for refunds, your points will be taken back. If this happens regularly, we will ban your account.

How does the referral program work?

Once you have a verified profile, you are allowed to generate or redeem a referral code.

You can share your referral code with your friends and you will receive a lifetime 10% bonus of their completed offers. The bonus can be claimed in the Rewards section of the website.

You can also redeem a referral code from one of your friends and you will receive a bonus of 250 Credits to get things started.

What other bonuses can I earn?

The Rewards section is filled with various bonuses we offer to returning and active users.

You can claim a 50 credits bonus for adding an e-mail address and a 50 credits bonus for joining our Steam group.
Additionally, when you refer other people to our service, you can use the Rewards page to claim 10% of their earnings.

You can also claim a 100 credits daily reward (every 24 hours) as long as you complete an offer worth at least 100 credits from one of our providers.

How do I enable browser notifications?

You can enable browser notifications in order to stay up to date on SkinSilo giveaways and news.
Enable them by clicking the lock icon in your browser URL.

If your browser does not support push notifications, feel free to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome by visiting this link.

This feature is only available for the desktop version of SkinSilo.

What are leaderboards and how do they work?

Leaderboards are our way of recognizing and rewarding the most active users on SkinSilo. The Top 3 most active weekly users on the website will be given extra credits for their activity (15,000 for the first place, 10,000 for the second and 5,000 for the third), this is our way of saying thanks for your effort.

If, for some reason, you don’t want your profile to be shown in our Leaderboard, you can update your privacy setting on your profile page. Keep in mind that you won’t receive any bonus credits if your profile is not shown on the Leaderboard.

How does the chat work?

You can use the chat only if you have completed at least one previous offer from our providers. Please don't spam, advertise or be aggressive to users in any way. Keep in mind that if you encounter any issues, it's better to e-mail support rather than asking in chat.

Why can't I withdraw skins from the shop?

In order to receive trade offers from our bots, please ensure you have a verified profile, the correct trade URL and your Inventory Privacy set to Public.

In addition to that, users that have recently changed their Steam guard settings have a trading cooldown that needs to expire before allowing them to trade.

If you meet the above requirements and you're still having issues, you can contact support and we can assist you.

Few offers available

Unfortunately, not all offer wall providers have inventory in all of the countries, but we are working to implement more providers in order to have a high availability of offers for you. Make sure you add your e-mail address to your user profile so we can notify you when new providers are available.

Furthermore, we’re constantly looking into the regions our users are coming from in order to contact local offer wall providers. If you have any suggestions, please email us (address found below).

I filled out a preliminary survey, but I’m not qualified for additional surveys

Providers target their demographics really well (age, sex, income, region etc) in order to match their content with the right people. Their inventory might be limited at this moment, but they’re constantly adding new content to be relevant to users like you.

Fraud detection

Offer wall providers do their best to limit fraud and credit only offers filled with correct information. Please don’t cheat, offer misleading information or try to game the system, your account won’t be credited for your actions and providers may limit the offer inventory available for you.

How does account merging work?

SkinSilo now supports multiple sign-in methods to cater to those users who don't have Steam accounts. However, users are still bound by our Terms of Service and are limited to only one account on our website. If you wish to connect a Skinsilo username to a Steam account, you are able to do so in your profile page.

After you sign in with Steam, both accounts will be merged. This merge is irreversible, so please be sure you are trying to connect the right accounts.

Anything else?

If you run into any issues not answered above or require assistance, please e-mail [email protected]

Don't forget to include your Steam64ID or your SkinSilo username/e-mail address. Find it in the profile page.

Please ensure you receive an auto-reply from our bot, confirming we have received your e-mail and a ticket has been opened.

Allow up to 24 hours for a response (usually faster).

Terms of Service

By using (Referred to from now on as SkinSilo) you acknowledge that you accept these Terms of Service to their entirety and without reservation. You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service as well as its future modifications and you are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws. These Terms of Service govern your use of this website.

Privacy and Account information

Membership is for personal use only and is limited to ONE account per person/household. You need to be at least 16 years old and you agree to provide accurate information to SkinSilo, including its advertisers and partners. Use of SkinSilo through a proxy/VPN is forbidden and will lead to refunds and account bans.

SkinSilo is collecting information about your account through the Steam API (SteamID64, avatar, nickname), we will refer to this as "Personally identifiable information" below. We don't have access to your e-mail address or your password. Skinsilo will never share your private information with anyone as part of our privacy policy.

Every action you take on the website is monitored and logged, including a timestamp and your public IP address.

Personally identifiable information is used internally by SkinSilo to deliver, develop and improve products, content and services, to which users have subscribed, and to answer users’ requests. In addition, SkinSilo may allow third parties performing services under contract with SkinSilo, such as offer wall providers or Analytics software, located in and outside the European Union, to access and use personally identifiable information, but only to the extent necessary to provide those services.

External websites and companies with links to and from SkinSilo's online sites and products may collect personally identifiable information about users when users visit their websites. Third party publishers may also collect personally identifiable information as a requirement of accessing their content. SkinSilo's privacy policy does not extend to external websites and companies or third party publishers with links to or from SkinSilo’s products and online websites. Please refer directly to these companies and websites regarding their privacy policies.


We use cookies, pixels, and other technologies (collectively, "cookies") to recognise your browser or device, learn more about your interests, and provide you with essential features and services and for additional purposes, including:

  • Recognising you when you sign-in to use our services
  • Keeping track of your specified preferences - this allows us to personalize what we display according to your preferences
  • Tracking how you got on our website in order to better understand our users
  • We use 3rd party services that gather anonymized data that helps us better understand how our service is used
  • Preventing fraudulent activity
  • Improving security
  • Reporting - this allows us to measure and analyse the performance of our services.

Intellectual Property

All materials on this website are intellectual property of SkinSilo and you may not use any of the content seen here for commercial use without written permission. This includes the codebase, the layout/look-and-feel of the website, referral system, graphics, as well as any similar variations of the name SkinSilo.

Acceptable Use

By using SkinSilo, you acknowledge that you must not utilize the website in any way that may cause damage, harm, or any harmful impairment to both the accessibility and availability of SkinSilo nor in any manner which would be considered unlawful, illicit, harmful, or fraudulent. By using SkinSilo you also acknowledge that we and our staff have at any time the right to access and modify your account balance, information and anything pertaining to your on-site account. By using SkinSilo you acknowledge that you have read our guides and FAQs and understood how the service works and its limitations.

Limitations of Liability

Use of our services is at your own risk. SkinSilo, its owners and affiliates will never be held liable for any individual’s profits / loss gained on the website. Skinsilo and its affiliates assume no responsibility for any loss of virtual credits or refunds issued by the offer wall providers.

Virtual Credits

Our on-site currency (Bullets or Credits) is not a form of real money. It does not hold any monetary value and may never be redeemed for “real world” money, or other items of monetary value / inherent value. While we may use terms like “buy”, “purchase”, "earn" in reference to the virtual credits, we do so only for convenience and such terms in no way indicate that SkinSilo’s virtual credits hold monetary value or are real money whatsoever. You acknowledge that SkinSilo’s virtual credits are not redeemable for any sum of “real-world” money from us at any time. We make no guarantee and take no responsibility as to the nature, value, or quality of the features of the Service or any third-party goods or services that will be accessible through the use of SkinSilo’s virtual credits.

Bans, Timeouts & Conduct

SkinSilo reserves the right to remove any user from our website without and for any reason. Chat access is a privilege that can be revoked anytime for misconduct (spamming, swearing, being aggressive or offensive).

We reserve the right to terminate any account that shows suspicious or fraudulent activity or any account that breaks the current Terms of Service.

Last update: June 21, 2018

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# User Credits

What is VGO?

VGO are blockchain-based items, designed for collecting and trading, that are not subject to any trade restrictions. VGO items are designed to mimic the trading experience of popular games, but without any trading restrictions or limitations.

Here are a few resources that explain this in detail: [1], [2], [3]

How does VGO work?

In order to be able to receive VGO items, you need an OPSkins account. Once you have that set up, you can withdraw VGO items to your ExpressTrade Inventory by following these steps:

  1. Under "Shop", select the VGO tab and choose the items you want to withdraw
  2. A trade offer will be sent. Click the notification to open it.
  3. Click the blue "Accept" button to accept the offer.
  4. Items will now be available in your WAX ExpressTrade Inventory


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